Independent label: Charlie's Stable records were 'Produced and recorded by A. J. Waldron at West of England Sound, Torquay', the writer of both sides of Anne Beverly's 'Bridal Waltz' (CS-001; 11/73) and the 'A' side of 'Mary' by Garfield Demango (CST-2; 12/73) was one 'C. Stable'.  Charlie's Stable seems to have started up in late 1973 and disappeared in 1974. both singles were handled by President and distributed by Enterprise, but the labels themselves say that distribution was by EMI and the style of the matrix numbers indicates EMI pressings. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Anne Beverley  Bridal Waltz CHARLIE'S STABLE  CS 001
73 Garfield Demango  Mary CHARLIE'S STABLE  CST 2

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