Independent label: Charisma was started in 1968 by journalist Tony Stratton-Smith, at the suggestion of B&C boss Lee Gopthal, after a conversation in a pub. Reportedly the design of the first label was influenced by the scrollwork and lettering on one of the mirrors at the pub. The scroll design was replaced by the famous 'Mad Hatter' after CB-192, in mid-'72; the hatter himself went in 1975, replaced by a dull injection-moulded label when manufacturing and distribution were switched to Phonodisc - manufacturing during the 'Hatter' era appears to have been by EMI Records. Charisma demos from that period are unusual in that they have the same track on both sides, a practice followed by B&C's offshoot Mooncrest and by no other British label - it was commonplace in the USA, though the American companies tended to put a stereo version on one side and a mono on the other, unlike Charisma and Mooncrest. The injection-moulded label appeared in various colours, including silver, purple and green. In its early days Charisma shared a catalogue series with B&C; following the demise of that company, in 1975, it had the CB prefix to itself. Stratton-Smith believed in signing artists who were 'the best of their kind'; a policy which resulted in records which were sometimes popular (Genesis, Lindisfarne) and sometimes unpopular (poetry-to-music group Doggerel Bank).  The label continued on in its own individual way into the '80s; it was bought by Virgin in 1985, and continues as a part of that company. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Genesis  Looking For Someone/Visions of Angels  CHARISMA GS 1/2
70 Every Witch Way Go Placidly CHARISMA BD 1/2
70 Jackson Heights  Doubting Thomas  CHARISMA JH 1/2
71 Audience Your Not Smiling CHARISMA BCP 1
71 Carol Grimes & Delivery / Rock 'n Roll All-Stars I Donít Wanna Discuss It / I'm Walking  B&C BCP 2
72 Spreadeagle / Capability Brown Nightingale Lane / Liar CHARISMA BCP 7

76 Alan Parsons Project  Tales Of Mystery And Imagination   CHARISMA FS 1
76 Monty Python Bruces Song CHARISMA PY2 MP  001
76 Monty Python On Song Lumberjack Song (Double Pack) CHARISMA MP 1
77 Brand X Sun In The Night CHARISMA BRAND 1
77 Peter Hammill Crying Wolf CHARISMA PH 001
77 Genesis Spot The Pigeon CHARISMA GEN 1
78 Adrian Wagner Chasquis (Roadrunner) CHARISMA AW 001
78 Steve Hackett Narnia CHARISMA SH 001
78 Hawklords Psi Power CHARISMA HL 001

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