Independent label: Channel (Recording) Records was the second Channel label and was actually the same as the first one, but there are enough differences between them for me to reckon that that probably wasn't the case and that the two concerns just picked the same name by chance - it was, after all, a logical enough one.  The only record that I have seen on this Channel label is the one shown, an EP by Alex & Diane featuring the tracks 'Amazing Grace', 'I Learned To Yodel', 'I Love You Because', and 'Seven Lonely Days'.  Its catalogue number, EDEN EP-41, is in a different series to the 'CR'-prefixed ones used by the Jersey-based Channel Records, and indicates that it was made through custom recording concern Eden Studios.  Comparison with other Eden records suggests that it was released in or around 1971.  Eden Studios was a commercial recording facility in west London. It opened in 1967, originally at 11 Eden Street in Kingston upon Thames (now under the Eden Walk shopping centre), before moving to 20-24 Beaumont Road in Chiswick in 1972. It was started by Philip Love, Mike Gardner and Piers Ford-Crush. Love and Gardner owned the studio and worked there as Financial and Technical Directors, respectively. Ford-Crush retired in 1998. The studio closed in July 2007 and the Chiswick site knocked down for housing. The EP was recorded in Guernsey; presumably Alex & Diane were a Club / Cabaret duo performing there at the time.  Reports of any other Channel Recordings would be welcome.  Distributed By Channel Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Alex & Diane Amazing Grace CHANNEL (RECORDING) EDEN EP 41

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