Independent label: Chalkie Records put out what appears to be a self-financed single, 'Rock Me Angel', in 1978.  There's no company identity on the label, so I've given it the same name as the band; as they went to the bother of providing a logo and a picture for it the least I can do is name it after them.  The catalogue number, DT-003, isn't any help - similar series were used by custom recording concerns DTS and Beck but they had gone a long way past  003 by 1978.  Any information about the single, or about DT-001 and 002 if they exist, would be welcome. Distributed By Chalkie Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced CHALKIE DT 001
78 Not Traced CHALKIE DT 002
78 Chalkie Rock Me Angel CHALKIE DT 003

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