Independent Reggae label, run by Errol Dystant from premises in Harlesden, London NW10. Cha Cha started out in 1978; it seems to have issued just four 7" singles, which it numbered in a CC-000 series, all of them in that same year.  The vast majority of its releases were 12" singles, the catalogue numbers of which had reached at least CHAD-057 by the time the label ceased operations, which it appears to have done in 1983.  It also released more than a dozen LPs.  Distribution latterly was by Jetstar. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Wilson Ernest  I Know Myself CHA CHA  CC 001
78 Wilson Ernest  Roots Rock Reggae CHA CHA  CC 002
78 Jays  Born To Love You CHA CHA  CC 003
78 Diamonds  Tell Me What's Wrong CHA CHA  CC 004

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