Independent label: Cells Records was from the Punk/New Wave era, Cells belonged to Geoff Mann and was run in co-operation with Rough Trade. There appear to have been at least four releases on it, in 1978-9. The first of these was Essential Logic's own 'Aerosol Burns', the catalogue number of which was 'SELL ONE' (1); for their next single the group moved on to the Rough Trade label proper. Other Cells releases were the Barracudas, 'I Want My Woody Back' (SELL OUT-1; 1979), and an EP from the Ripchords featuring 'Ringing In The Streets', 'Television Television' and two other tracks (ANOTHER-1; 10/78). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Essential Logic Aerosol Burns CELLS SELL ONE
79 Barracudas I Want My Woody Back CELLS CELLOUT 1
79 Rip Chords The Rip Chords 4 Track Ep CELLS CELL ANOTHER ONE

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