Celebration Records was A Christian music label.  Celebration appears to have dealt mainly in albums, but it released at least one single, 'Celebration Song', by The Fisherfolk (CR45-1012), which came out in 1976.  The Fisherfolk seem to have been responsible for most of the label's output, with a couple of dozen or so LPs to their credit.  The single alike shared the album's CR-1000 numbering, but it had a 45 inserted between the prefix and the number.  The company seems to have been active from 1974 into at the mid '80s.  The writing on the right-hand side of the sleeve reveals that Celebration Records were based at 57 Dorchester Road, Lytchett Minster, Poole, Dorset. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Church Of The Redeemer Choir God's People Give Thanks (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1001
74 Fisherfolk Sound Of Living Waters (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1002
74 Not Traced CELEBRATION CR 1003
75 The Fisherfolk On Tiptoe (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1004
75 Members Of Church Of The Redeemer, Episcopal Hey Kids, Do You Love Jesus (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1005
76 The Fisherfolk Songs From Fresh Sounds (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1006
76 The Fisherfolk Worship With The Fisherfolk (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1007
76 Not Traced CELEBRATION CR 1008
76 The Fisherfolk Celebrate The Christ Child (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1009
76 The Fisherfolk Celebrate The Whole Of It (Album)  CELEBRATION CR 1010
76 Not Traced CELEBRATION CR 1011
76 The Fisherfolk Celebration Song CELEBRATION CR 45 1012

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