Ceilidh Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. Owned by popular Scottish entertainer Calum Kennedy, and apparently a precursor to his 'Radar Records' label.  Ceilidh / Radar was based in Glenpatrick, Johnstone, Renfrewshire.  It seems to have issued two records, an album and a single, under the 'Ceilidh' name.  The single was Kennedy's own 'World Cup Crazy' b/w 'Parliamo Allylooyah' (CKS-01), and was part of the World Cup fever that swept Scotland in 1978.  According to the Glasgow Herald of the 8th of July of that year he had to record it in Dublin because of illegal interference by the Musicians' Union - he was in dispute with the Union over payments made for the recording of a concert at the Pavilion Theatre in 1977, a dispute which the Union eventually won in court.  The album had both sides of the single on it and was called 'Scottish Favourite Hit Songs' (MPL-01 / DEROY-1403; 1978).  Radar - needless to say, it wasn't the one that featured Elvis Costello - continued to use the 'CK' prefix for its records, adding 'LP' for albums and 'S' for singles.  7" and 12" records shared the same '1000' numbers.  It appears to have released at least two albums in 1978, but the only single. Fiona Kennedy's 'Father Christmas' b/w 'The Cherry Tree Carol' (CKS-1004), was undated and seems likely to be from the early '80s.  That too ran into legal difficulties: according to the Herald of the 24th of August 1983, publishers Mews Music had been awarded a court order preventing its making, distribution, selling or advertising.  The report also states that Radar had said that the records had been destroyed in a fire previous to November 1982.  Given the subject matter of the single, that makes 1981 seem a likely year for its release. Distributed By Ceilidh Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Calum Kennedy World Cup Crazy CEILIDH CKS 01

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