As was the case with 'CC', this is named after its prefix. The only record on the label found so far is  'Alan Mack Live At The 'Trocadero' Night Spot Nuneaton'. The EP was numbered CCR-1002, which suggests that there's at least a CCR-1001. There's is no date on the record but the Trocadero is reported to have operated from the early '70s into the early '80s, so there's a decent chance that it's from the 70s.  With Nuneaton being close to Coventry, I suppose 'CCR' could stand for 'City of Coventry Recordings' or something like that, but that's just a wild guess. The catalogue number appears to come from a series used by Capricorn Records, which would date this to 1978 or '79. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Janet Stein The Way We Were CAPRICORN CCR 1001
79 Alan Mack Alan Mack Live At The 'Trocadero' Night Spot Nuneaton CCR CCR 1002
79 Keith Harling, David Lawson Brief Encounters CAPRICORN CCR 1003

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