Independent label: Castleton Records Former Address:  37 Brooklands Road Heath End, Farnham, Surrey. Castleton seems to have released just two records, both of them by the Farnham Singers and the Farnham Girls' Choir.  The one that concerns us is the EP shown above, 'Shakespeare's Songs And Sonnets' (JDC-0077); there's no date on the label, but the sleeve notes refer to 'the 1975-76 season' which suggests late 1976 or 1977.  The other was an unnamed LP, recorded with singer / guitarist Patrick Nelson (JDC-0078); it is reported to have come out in 1972, which seems at odds with other records with numbers close to 0078, and is highly collectable.  Other records in the JDC-0000s can be found on the Gus label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Farnham Singers and the Farnham Girls' Choir Shakespeare's Songs And Sonnets  CASTLETON JDC 0077

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