Independent label: Castle Records belonged to the Castle studio, of Hindley, Wigan, which was run by William Leyland's L.E. Agency.  It seems to have been a custom recording concern.  The earliest of its products was the split maxi-single shown, 'These Are My Mountains' by Marion Robinson b/w 'There Is A Heartache Following Me' and 'A Railroad Bum' by Bill Sutcliffe (CAS-003); as can be seen from the first scan it appears to have been intended to be a four-tracker but a song called 'Country Girl' was left off it for some reason.  The Lyntone matrix numbers - LYN-5192 / 5193 - in the run-off show who the manufacturers were and pin the record down to 1978.  The only other Castle 7" from 1979, a single by Humbug, 'Wearing Suspenders' b/w 'Maggie May', though there were a couple more in the '80s.  Generally numbering was in a CAS-000 series for singles, with EPs and LPs having the appropriate lettering added after the prefix; the Humbug single was an exception, as its number was CASTLE-007.  The most recent Castle record listed was CAS-020, which was from 1983; as can be seen from the 'discography' below, I haven't been able to account for quite a lot of the numbers - any help in filling-in the gaps would be welcome.  As can be seen fron the scans, the colour scheme changed from black-on-white to silver-on-black; the design of the castle was tweaked, and the label layout was altered.  The way that the designer put the 'A' and 'B' in the drawbridge of the castle of the earlier version was a nice touch. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 001
78 Prize Guys ThatīS What I Call CASTLE CAS 002
78 Robinson Marion  These Are My Mountains CASTLE CAS 003
78 The Choir Of Emmanuel Parish Church, Southport Christmas At Emmanuel CASTLE CAS EP 004
78 Metropolitan Borough Of Wigan Schools' Brass Band Count Your Blessings (Album) CASTLE CAS LP 005
79 Newrad Singers Ladies And Juniors* The Darwen Choirs  (Album) CASTLE CAS LP 006
80 Humbug Wearing Suspenders CASTLE CASTLE 007
80 Auld Triangle Auld Triangle (Album) CASTLE CAS LP 008
80 Vince Lorraine Vince Lorraine (Album) CASTLE CAS LP 009
80 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 010
80 Rainbow Cottage IīM Alive CASTLE CAS 011
81 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 012
81 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 013
81 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 014
81 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 015
82 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 016
82 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 017
82 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 018
82 Not Traced CASTLE CAS 019
83 Phil Cool  ItīS Hard CASTLE CAS 020

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