Carnival Records was a one-off label from the North East of England, the 'carnival' to which the label referred being the North Tyneside one of 1978.  North Tyneside Council was responsible for a single promoting the event: popular Club / Cabaret duo Sympatica provided two songs for it, 'Take A Trip' and 'Summer Sun', with the assistance of Jack Sheldon and his Band, while the picture sleeve gave details of the various events.  The record was made through Impulse Studios of Newcastle, and its catalogue number. IS/NTS/1023, was taken from Impulse's usual IS/x/1000 series, where the 'x' was a letter or letters pertinent to the people behind the recording.  Impulse had its own label, 'Wudwink'  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

78 Sympatica Take A Trip CARNIVAL IS/NTS 1023

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