An obscure but collectable label from the very late '60s and very early '70s, Carnaby was set up by promoter Mervyn Conn.  It came in two incarnations: a patriotic-looking one, via Pye, and a Roger-Dean-designed one, via Phonogram.  Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. Manufactured And Distributed By Pye and Phonogram Records.

71 Wake Linda CARNABY 6151 001
72 Royal James Carolina CARNABY 6151 002
72 Gary & Stu Sweet White Dove CARNABY 6151 003
72 Morris Libby Build The Ladder High CARNABY 6151 004
72 Mckenna Terry Key CARNABY 6151 005
72 Royal James & Liz Christian Two Of Us CARNABY 6151 006
72 Laura One Love CARNABY 6151 007

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