Caribou  Records was a sub-label of CBS Records. Caribou singles shared a common numerical series with those of the other labels in the CBS group, though it had its own CRB prefix until the early '80s.  The company's main claim to fame is that it was home to the Beach Boys in the late '70s and on past the mid '80s; that band gave it three more hits to add to its one previous success - O.C. Smith's, 'Together' (CRB-4910; 1977). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Smith O.C. Smith  Together CARIBOU CRB 4910
77 Smith O.C. Smith  Simple Life CARIBOU CRB 5325
77 Dennis Wilson  River Song CARIBOU CRB 5663
79 Beach Boys Here Comes The Night CARIBOU  CRB 7204
79 Beach Boys Lady Lynda CARIBOU  CRB 7427
79 Beach Boys Sumahama CARIBOU  CRB 7846
79 Beach Boys Good Timin' CARIBOU  CRB 8055
80 Beach Boys Oh Darling CARIBOU CRB 8367
80 Beach Boys Santa Ana Winds CARIBOU CRB 8633
80 Beach Boys KeepinīThe Summer CARIBOU CRB 8663
81 Sailor DonīT Send Flowers CARIBOU CRB 9077
81 Sailor Danger On The Titanic CARIBOU CRB A 1110
81 Carl Wilson  Heaven CARIBOU CRB A 1152
82 Beach Boys Come Go With Me CARIBOU CRB A 2105
82 Beach Boys Come Go With Me CARIBOU  CRB A 2015
83 Carl Wilson What You Do To Me CARIBOU  CRB A 3046
85 Beach Boys Getcha Back CARIBOU A 6324
85 Beach Boys Passing Friend CARIBOU  A 6471

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