Independent Reggae label: Caribbean Records was a Reggae label, owned initially by Count Shelly.  The first three Caribbean singles were numbered in a CB-00 series, and came out in 1974. A longer-lasting CBN-300 series followed, after a gap of roughly a couple of years, with the label being revived by Desmond Bryan and Joe Sinclair of Klik Records; these singles were marketed by Klik, and many (all?) of them were distributed by Island / EMI.  CBN-301 came out in 1976; numbering reached CBN-321 by the time the label expired, in 1977.  One of the many Count Shelly label designs, from 1973, had exactly the same picture as is used on Caribbean singles. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Dingle Brothers  Got To Leave This Land CARIBBEAN CB 01
73 Blossom Johnson  Boy Next Door  CARIBBEAN CB 02
73 Dunkley Errol  I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry  CARIBBEAN CB 03
76 Clarke Johnny Bring It On Home To Me CARIBBEAN CBN 301
76 Holt John  You're All I Got CARIBBEAN CBN 302
76 Edwards Jackie  Tell Me Darling CARIBBEAN CBN 303
76 Laru Ken  Peeping Juke Box CARIBBEAN CBN 304
76 I-Roy  War & Friction CARIBBEAN CBN 305
76 Junior Ross & The Spears Babylon Fall  CARIBBEAN CBN 306
76 Jah Youth  Little Natty Dread  CARIBBEAN CBN 307
76 Edwards Jackie  What You Gonna Do  CARIBBEAN CBN 308
76 Holt John  Winter World Of Love  CARIBBEAN CBN 309
76 Holt John  Wasted Days And Nights  CARIBBEAN CBN 310
76 Romeo Max  Heads A Go Roll  CARIBBEAN CBN 311
77 Gray Owen  Sentimental Reasons CARIBBEAN CBN 312
77 Tidals Want Gold Ring  CARIBBEAN CBN 313
77 Trinity  Natty On De Banking CARIBBEAN CBN 314
77 Lloyd Lovindeer  Fire In A Babylon  CARIBBEAN CBN 315
77 Tidals  Him A Chucky CARIBBEAN CBN 316
77 Wilson Delroy  My Cecilia  CARIBBEAN CBN 317
77 Pablo Gad International Dread CARIBBEAN CBN 318
77 U-Roy  Officially (aka Black Heart) CARIBBEAN CBN 319
77 Pablo Gad Kunte Kinte  CARIBBEAN CBN 320
77 Jays & Ranking Trevor  Truly  CARIBBEAN CBN 321

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