Independent label: A Reggae label, owned by Adrian Sherwood and Chips Richards.  Carib Gems came on the scene in 1976, and specialised in material licensed from West Indian companies; it seems to have been been dormant during 1978-79 but it came back to life in the early '80s. Most of its singles in the latter period appear to have been 12" only. The company used one design in several different colours for its label in the '70s.  Catalogue numbers were in a CG-000 series. Distributed By Angstar and J & A Distribution. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Thomas Bobby  Girl You Shouldn'T Stay Out Late CARIB GEMS  CG 001
76 Michael Rose / Skin, Flesh & Bones Observe Life / Version CARIB GEMS  CG 002
76 Not Issued CARIB GEMS  CG 003
76 Dellinger Melting Pot  CARIB GEMS  CG 004
76 Trinity  Three Meals A Day  CARIB GEMS  CG 005
76 Revolutioniers  Sweetie Come From America  CARIB GEMS  CG 006
76 Revolutioniers  Natty Dub It In A Dreamland  CARIB GEMS  CG 007
76 Bojangles Election Derby  CARIB GEMS  CG 008
77 Twinkle Bros  Jah Army  CARIB GEMS  CG 009
77 Prince Brothers  Ram Jam  CARIB GEMS  CG 010
77 Tellor Eric  When A Child Is Born  CARIB GEMS  CG 011
77 Jarrett Winston & Righteous Flames  Sleepers  CARIB GEMS  CG 012
77 Sir Lee  Light Up The Chalice  CARIB GEMS  CG 013
77 Stewart Tinga  Rainy Night In Georgia  CARIB GEMS  CG 014
77 Black Uhuru  Sun Is Shining  CARIB GEMS  CG 015
77 Parkinson Philip  Niah Know The Messiah  CARIB GEMS  CG 016
81 Rio James  Ska Reggae  CARIB GEMS  CG 017
81 Barbara Jones That's No Way To Say Goodbye CARIB GEMS  CG 018
81 O'chi Brown Can'T Say Goodbye To You CARIB GEMS  CGDD 019
81 Not Traced Single Girl / Angel Of The Morning (12")  CARIB GEMS  CGDD 020
81 Junior Byles  Better Be Careful CARIB GEMS  CG 021

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