Independent label: Cargo was the label of John Brierley's Cargo Studios, of Rochdale.  Lots of famous names recorded at Cargo Studios - Joy Division, to give but one example - but most of its recordings ended up on other people's labels.  It did however put out a single under its own banner in 1977: 'No More Rock 'N Roll' by Tractor (CRS-002).  More singles followed in 1980-81, with a different label design; the number CRS-001 seems not to have been used until this latter period. Distributed By Cargo Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Wildespool  Standing on the Outside  CARGO CRC 001
77 Tractor No More Rock 'N Roll  CARGO CRS 002
80 Oxym Music Power CARGO CRS 003
80 Turbo Stallion CARGO CRS 004
80 Rebecca Storme Let's Spend The Night Together CARGO CRS 005
80 The Breed Effort CARGO CRS 006
80 7 Year Itch I Wanna Make Ya / I'm Gonna Make Ya CARGO CRS 007
80 Terminal Hold On CARGO CRS 008
81 Tailormaid Sallyanne CARGO CRS 009
81 Heinz Country Boy CARGO CRS 010
81 Thorns Of Affliction Panic Striken CARGO CRS 011
81 Some Now Are Aftermath CARGO CRS 012
81 Stonier Nigel Band Still Not Over You CARGO CRS 013
81 Out Better The Devil CARGO CRS 014
81 The Children Of St. John's Music Group, Sandbach Heath Are You Ready For Xmas CARGO CRS 015
82 C.J. Swarbrick Heartbreaker 1/9 CARGO CRS 016
82 Nigel Stonier  Sunshine Music  CARGO CRS 017
85 The Erbees Smokie Medley CARGO CRS 018

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