Independent label: Capri appears to have been one of a stable of labels for Christian songs, run by Steve Kendall. Capri record It issued at least two singles a various artists EP, which features three songs by the Junior Church Singers on the 'A' side; tracks on the 'B' side are 'Yulishka Under The Lilac Tree' by the John Charles Set, and Mr. Fred Cornish's 'Alla Marcia'.  The EP was issued in 1971.  Its catalogue number, CC-131, seems to be one of a series previously used by Steve Kendall for records on his (1960s only?) Clementswood label: CC-127 was 'Loner' by Unanimity, and CC-128 was an EP entitled 'The Sound Of Christmas' by the Walthamstow Sevent Day Adventist Choir.  Both of those records came out in 1969.  Other labels from that stable were Roundabout, Cernlun and - the most successful - Profile. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 The Junior Church Singers  Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  CAPRI CC 131

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