An independent label,  Canon Records was Formed in 1974, as an independent company headed by Peter Self, based in Hillside, New Barnet, Herts.  Its aim was to release Classical and 'unusual' records. the company had two labels, Canon itself and Charivari; the latter seems to have been album-only.  In the summer of 1975 Canon opened an office in Glasgow, and Self was reported as negotiating to set up a Scottish label.A couple of Various Artists LPs, 'Come To Scotland' (CTU-5969; 1975) and 'Best From McTavish's Kitchens' (VAR D-5958; 1976) would appear to have been fruits of that development. In 1976 Canon move and now was Chester Based', and it had signed a distribution deal with Selecta, which was scheduled to come into operation in September.  The cover of the Harry Bence Big Band EP 'At Last' (CNNS-034; 1976) gives the New Barnet address for the company and the Chester one for the recording studio.  Catalogue numbers for singles and EPs were in the CNNS-000s; the highest release was CNNS-047, the lowest CNNS-031, so it looks as though the lower numbers may not have been used.  There are several smaller gaps in the listing below.  The injection-moulded single was pressed by Phonodisc, and was presumably coloured red because Liverpool play in that colour; the other injection-moulded singles was blue or silver.  The colour of the paper labels varied too: the Black Abbots single 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' b/w 'Medicine Bill' (CNNS-047; 1977) can be found with a silver top and a blue bottom as well as the black-and-white combination.  there is no Canon record dated later than 1978, so it may be that the record company ceased operations in thaeet year. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Norman Castle I Don'T Need Your Lovin Any More CANON CNNS 031
75 Wesley, Park And Smith Hoping CANON CNNS 032
75 Sandalwood Don'T Let It Rain Today CANON CNNS 033
75 The Harry Bence Big Band At Last/Moonlight Serenade/In The Mood (Medley) CANON CNNS 034
76 Vic Blackwell  Liverpool Are The Team CANON CNNS 035
76 McShane Second Hand Melodies CANON CNNS 036
76 Tony Green Our Day Will Come CANON CNNS 037
76 Not Traced CANON CNNS 038
76 Not Traced CANON CNNS 039
76 Not Traced CANON CNNS 040
77 Fairisle When Someone Leaves You CANON CNNS 041
77 Adrian Street Breakin' Bones CANON CNNS 042
77 Not Traced CANON CNNS 043
77 Not Traced CANON CNNS 044
77 Not Traced CANON CNNS 045
77 Kennedy Brothers Magic In The Air CANON CNNS 046
77 Black Abbots Over The Rainbow CANON CNNS 047


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