An independent label,  Owned by Don Lawson and C. McDonald, Calendar seems to have been the outlet for the music publishers of that name, a function which had previously been performed by the Seven Sun label. The few of its products that I have heard suggest that it had a Soul / Disco slant.  Initially marketed by Creole and manufactured and distributed by EMI, Calendar was latterly manufactured by Decca and distributed by Selecta, In the '80s Stage One took over distribution.  Calendar's period of operation was from 1976 to 1981. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Sinclair Ian So Good To See You CALENDAR DAY 101
77 Black Velvet Thought I Had A Good Thing Going CALENDAR DAY 102
77 Holder Mark Dynamite Lady CALENDAR DAY 103
77 Sol Raye If We Where Free CALENDAR DAY 104
77 Not Issued CALENDAR DAY 105
77 Not Issued CALENDAR DAY 106
77 Beaton Norman Family Man CALENDAR DAY 107
77 Not Traced CALENDAR DAY 108
77 Salsoul Explosion I Feel Happy CALENDAR DAY 109
77 Wright Nat When Love Is New CALENDAR DAY 110
77 Serr Band Magic Mandrake CALENDAR DAY 111
77 Carr Andre Island Man CALENDAR DAY 112
78 Lynn Brenda Zodiacs CALENDAR DAY 113
78 Wright Nat Tears CALENDAR DAY 114
78 Sarr Band Double Action CALENDAR DAY 115
78 Marsiue Suite For Lovers CALENDAR DAY 116
78 De Jongh Rick One That Got Away CALENDAR DAY 117
78 Ashantis Disco Play CALENDAR DAY 118
78 Bruno Michael Something In My Life CALENDAR DAY 119
78 Not Issued CALENDAR DAY 120
78 Not Issued CALENDAR DAY 121
79 Matthews Jean Keep On Rolling CALENDAR DAY 122
79 Not Issued CALENDAR DAY 123
79 Black Velvet Come To America CALENDAR DAY 124
79 Angier Guy Shark CALENDAR DAY 125
79 Marrie Ann Tout Doucement CALENDAR DAY 126
79 Black Velvet African Velvet CALENDAR DAY 127


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