Independent label: CMP Records was run by Liverpool-based Country music promoter Country Music Productions.  According to the notes on the rear of its sleeve the EP shown, 'Country Code 051' by Hartford West (CMP/GG-1011), was supposed to be a sampler from a forthcoming LP.  It was also intended to be one of a series of records featuring well-known Country groups. Sandra Lynton & The Lyntones' six-track EP 'San Lyntone Country' (GG/CMP-1012), which had a light-blue label of a similar design.  Both EPs were recorded at the G&G Electronics Studio in Garston.  There are no dates on either record, but the only reference online to the company is from the 'Music Yearbook' for 1972-73, which gives its address as being in Haslemere Road, Gateacre, Liverpool 25.  The G&G Studio was active at that time, so it seems reasonable to guess that the EPs date from 1972 or thereabouts.  Run-off markings suggest that manufacture of the Hartford West EP was through Deroy. Distributed By CMP Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Hartford West Country Code - 051 C.M.P. (COUNTRY MUSIC PRODUCTIONS) CMP/GG 1011
72 Sandra Lynton And The San Lyntones San Lyntone Country C.M.P. (COUNTRY MUSIC PRODUCTIONS) CMP/GG 1012

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