C. H. Rumble was a manufacturing company rather than a record label, but perhaps worthy of a page here on the grounds that in the case of Tony Williams's single 'Heart Breaker' b/w 'Rasta Dread' its name is the only identifier on the label.  That single appears to date from 1975.  Its catalogue number, WO-2569, comes from a series which was used by C. H. Rumble and which can sometimes be found as matrix numbers on the run-offs of its products.  C. H. Rumble started out in 1958 and was initially based in Redhill, Surrey; and later (from at least 1972) At that point it was working out of premises at Benedict Wharf, Benedict Road, Mitcham, and it was capable of producing ten-thousand records per week from its six presses.  The company doesn't seem to have lasted into 1976, which suggests that the sale took place.  Helpfully the labels of its products often - but not always - featured its name at the bottom.  For a period it laminated their labels; for some reason the laminated ones seem not to have had the name on them.  The lamination tends not to have lasted particularly well down the years.  C. H. Rumble manufactured for a lot of small independent labels, including Southern Sound, Third World, Taurus, Love, Sebastian, Lord Koos, Eagle, Saucy Boy and Magnet (Reggae) Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

75 Tony Williams Heart Breaker b/w Rasta Dread C. H. RUMBLE WO 2569

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