Buwch Hapus Records was a DIY Welsh label. AKA Happy Cow Records. It managed one single. Recorded at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge, 5th February, 1979. Engineered by Gary Lucus. It issued singles in an NW-0 numerical series. Trobwll was Formed by guitarist / singer Richard Morris, who also producer of many bands of the area, like Crys, and later involved with many bands of the most different styles of music, mostly with no relation to NWOBHM. Morris also owned a recording facility called Stiwdio's Bwthyn, where he worked with many groups from his homeland, such as the reasonably known Ellifant. The only Trobwll slice of vinyl is a very rare 7", released by the tiny Buwch Siapus Records in late 1979. It features one song ("Taith") divided in two parts, one for each side of the single. The song itself is a mixing of progressive rock influences with some heavier riffs in a 70s Heavy Metal vein. Few details from the history of the band are known by now, and it's a strong possibility that Trobwll never came to be more than a studio project from Richard Morris, without great aspirations and perhaps with musicians assembled for this recording session only. Probably the connection of this outfit with NWOBHM is casual and unintentional, but it doesn't make much difference now, once the name of the band is already bonded to the period in question, and the most obsessive collectors would sell their parents to hold an authentic mint copy of this item. Band Members were
Richard Morris - Vocals, Guitar Steve Lewis - Bass Mel Turner - Drums Mark Jones - Keyboards

79 Trobwll Taith (Part I) and (Part 2) BUWCH HAPUS MW 1

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