Butterfly Records was a sub-label of  Chrysalis Records. American, based in Los Angeles.  Butterfly was founded by A. J. Cervantes in 1977 and seems to have expired in the very early '80s.  It is reported to have concentrated on Disco music.  It was moderately prolific in its homeland but it only managed three releases over here: 'One More Minute' b/w 'Je T'Aime' by St. Tropez (CHS-2331; 7/79) was the sole 7".  A double album by the same band, 'Belle De Jour' (CDL-1242; 1979) and a 12" single by Destination, 'Move On Up' (CHS-12-2409; 3/80) were the other two issues.  'One More Minute' was also available in 12" form (CHS-12-2331).  The label was handled by Chrisalis, appropriately enough; manufacture and distribution were by Phonodisc.  The only other Butterfly single to come out over here was licensed to Ember and appeared on that label: it was Bob McGilpin's 'Superstar' (EMBS-365 / EMBSL-365; 1/79). Distributed By Chrysalis Records.

79 Saint Tropez  One More Minute  BUTTERFLY  CHS 2331

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