Butterfly Records was a DIY label from 1970. It's main interest is that is one of only two records on the site to feature a member of parliament.  As can be seen from the scan, in this case the M.P. concerned was Labour politician Marcus Lipton; the record featured the tracks 'Hand In Hand' and 'Friends In Need'.  The catalogue number was MP-6500 and the single came out in the first half of 1970. Distribution was by Keith Prowse Music.  Apparently Marcus sang on the single, after a fashion, which is more than people got on the other politician's record (that merely featured extracts from a speech by Edward Heath - see the 'Campaign' page).  Reportedly he was critical of the Pop music industry in the mid '70s, but his attitude was inspired by the industry's excesses rather than the commercial failure of this single.  The two labels, Butterfly and Campaign, have the same perimeter text, suggesting that they may have been made through the same company; which is slightly odd, as they came from different sides of the political divide. Distributed By Butterfly Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Marcus Lipton CBE, MP And Friends Hand In Hand BUTTERFLY MP 6500

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