Busker Records was a DIY label owned by all-round entertainer and budgerigar specialist Don Crown.  Busker's only release was Mr. Crown's own 'It's A Dog's Life' (DC-1), which was mainly intended as a promotional tool - only fifty copies were pressed. The year of issue is uncertain, but it was certainly from the '70s.  The decade saw thee other Don Crown singles: 'Budgerigar Man' on Orange (OAS-507; 9/70); 'Mrs. Wilson's Budgie' (PT-340), which was issued in 1971 by President; and 'Bass Drum Man', which was taken from the 1973 Paramount film 'The Optimists', and came out on Go Ahead records (GA-101).  Don still performs frequently in London - along with his budgies. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Don Crown  It'S A Dog'S Life BUSKER DC 1

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