Independent label: The label of the Intune music publishing company, owned and run by songwriters Mitch Murray and Peter Callender. Bus Stop survived for long enough to issue a respectable number of singles, the majority of which look to have been agreeable middle-of-the-road Pop. The group Paper Lace registered three Top 20 singles for them in 1974, including the No.1,'Billy Don't Be A Hero' (BUS-1014).  The Brothers followed them into the charts in 1977 with 'Sing Me' (BUS-1054).  Pressing and distribution were by EMI. Most promos were coloured; the black-and-white one is from a single which appears to have been given a different catalogue number (BUS-1020) before it was released. Promos of the BUS-1020 version have the coloured labels. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Royal Steve Celia BUS STOP BUS 1001
72 Zubaba Kumbaya BUS STOP BUS 1002
72 Murray Mitch Oh Carol BUS STOP BUS 1003
73 Royal Steve Love Is A Friend Of Mine BUS STOP BUS 1004
73 Silvo Johnny & Dave Moses Dr Jazz BUS STOP BUS 1005
73 Stack Joe Harmony  BUS STOP BUS 1006
73 Cold Fly Yesterday Started For Judy BUS STOP BUS 1007
73 Zubaba Fairy In My Tea BUS STOP BUS 1008
73 Royal Steve Come Back Billie Jo BUS STOP BUS 1009
73 Christy Sandra How Can We Doubt BUS STOP BUS 1010
73 Innocence (After Midnight) When The Boys Talk About The Girls BUS STOP BUS 1011
73 Not Issued BUS STOP BUS 1012
73 Patriots Rick Rack BUS STOP BUS 1013
74 Paper Lace Billy Don'T Be A Hero BUS STOP BUS 1014
74 Cool City Sisters If You Got The Will You Will BUS STOP BUS 1015
74 Paper Lace The Night Chicago Died BUS STOP BUS 1016
74 Garrity Freddie Hello Kids BUS STOP BUS 1017
74 Bitter Suite Drivin BUS STOP BUS 1018
74 Paper Lace The Black Eyed Boys BUS STOP BUS 1019
74 Bitter Suite Drivin BUS STOP BUS 1020
74 Dogs Hot Dogs BUS STOP BUS 1021
74 Garrity Freddie Pooh Pooh Pooh BUS STOP BUS 1022
75 Cool Breeze Do It Some More BUS STOP BUS 1023
75 Paper Lace Hitchin' A Ride 75 BUS STOP BUS 1024
75 Day Oliver Crazy Love BUS STOP BUS 1025
75 Paper Lace So What If I Am BUS STOP BUS 1026
75 Cool Breeze You Gotta Love Me More BUS STOP BUS 1027
75 Bitter Suite How Married Are You Marianne BUS STOP BUS 1028
75 Pitts Richie S'Cuse Me Ma'Am BUS STOP BUS 1029
75 Basic Black & Pearl Right On Baby BUS STOP BUS 1030
75 Palace Power To The Palace BUS STOP BUS 1031
75 Fantastics 10 Minutes That Changed The World BUS STOP BUS 1032
75 Funky Turkey Jingle Bell Funk BUS STOP BUS 1033
76 Noone Peter We Don'T Need The Money BUS STOP BUS 1034
76 Cool Breeze You & I Could Make Such Sweet Music BUS STOP BUS 1035
76 Magic Never Gonna Fall In Love Again BUS STOP BUS 1036
76 Not Issued BUS STOP BUS 1037
76 Pitts Richie Ther'Re Comin' BUS STOP BUS 1038
76 Burrows Tony Oh My Jo BUS STOP BUS 1039
76 Fantastics Left Right Out Of My Life BUS STOP BUS 1040
76 Bitter Suite White Lady BUS STOP BUS 1041
76 Cool Breeze Sleep With Your Boots On Billy BUS STOP BUS 1042
76 Not Issued BUS STOP BUS 1043
76 Humbug Sweet England BUS STOP BUS 1044
76 Glamourpuss Superman BUS STOP BUS 1045
76 O'Day Alan Easy Evil BUS STOP BUS 1046
76 Shake Hey Hey Hey BUS STOP BUS 1047
76 Glamourpuss You Are The One BUS STOP BUS 1048
76 Black Gold You'Re The Love Of My Life BUS STOP BUS 1049
76 Noone Peter ItíS Good When I Get There BUS STOP BUS 1050
76 Fantastics Same Old Me BUS STOP BUS 1051
76 Darby Rocking With Snoopy BUS STOP BUS 1052
76 Punch Ballad Of The Good Luck Charm BUS STOP BUS 1053
76 Brothers Sing Me BUS STOP  BUS 1054
77 Davis Kim Gentle Love BUS STOP  BUS 1055
77 Brothers Beautiful BUS STOP  BUS 1056
77 Noone Peter Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha BUS STOP  BUS 1057
77 Saks  Cat'S Eyes BUS STOP  BUS 1058
77 Braun Kevyn Band James Dean BUS STOP  BUS 1059

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