Burnic Records was a DIY label. It's only record, was an EP by Brian ('Butch') Royal, 'The First Royal Collection', which was numbered BA-1.  A Brian Royal LP, 'A Royal Occasion', came out in or around 1979 on the West One label, so with the EP being his first release it's safe to assume that it's from the lateish '70s.  Labels on pressings by Orlake often had that 'rough inner, smooth outer ring' appearance in the late '70s, but not after the spring of 1979, which at least narrows the date down a bit.  Producer Nick White was also credited on a 1977 EP by Charlie Smithers, on the Valley label, so he was active around that time.  Presumably his Christian name provided the 'Nic' of Burnic, which leaves us wondering who supplied the 'Bur' part.  In addition to the tracks shown on the scan the EP offered versions of 'County Fair' and 'It's Impossible'.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

78 Brian Royal The First Royal Collection BURNIC BA 1

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