A Reggae label, presumably owned by Bunny Sterling; its records were all produced by him.  Bunny Sterling seems to have released just one 7" single, 'Oh What A Lovely Feeling' by Michael Dorette (ST-3-1), which came out in 1978.  The previous two singles, Brenton King's 'That Girl' (ST-1; 1978) and 'Help Me Jah Jah' by Zebula Face (ST-2; 1978) were only available in 12" form. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Brenton King That Girl (12") BUNNY STERLING PRODUCTION ST 1
78 Zebula Face  Help Me Jah Jah (12") BUNNY STERLING PRODUCTION ST 2
78 Michael Dorette Oh What A Lovely Feeling BUNNY STERLING PRODUCTION ST 3-1

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