Bunch Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an BS-100 numerical series. Peggy's Leg was From Dublin Active from 1972 to 1975 Band Lineup: Jimi Slevin - guitar/vocals Jimmy Gibson - guitar/vocals Vincent Duffy - bass Don Harris - drums/vocals. Formed by ace guitarist Jimi Slevin, ex of Alice / Brogue towards the end of 1972, Peggy's Leg were known for their adaptations of classical music. Their live set included covers of Yes and Emerson Lake & Palmer their sole album was recorded in just 23 hours. 500 copies were pressed originally and as most were sold to local fans.This single somehow fell between the cracks when it came to reissues. Released in 1974 (most sources say 1973, but the label reads otherwise), it was a follow-up to Peggy’s Leg‘s excellent and highly-recommended 1973 album Grinilla. The band began to disintegrate soon after this last release, with Vincent Duffy and later Jimi Slevin quitting before a final split in 1975.

74 Peggy's Leg  William Tell Overture  BUNCH BS 101

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