A custom recording label, run by engineer Chas Bowles. Bunbury's albums and singles shared the same numbering series, 'DCS-000'; though earlier items seem to have had an extra '0'; the shortage of references to Bunbury records before DCS-0300 suggests that that numbering may have started there. The few Bunbury albums were by brass bands: Albums and singles interest have been included in the 'discography' below. The gaps in the discography indicate that there might be a lot of other Bunbury records It may be that consecutive records were numbered 400, 410, 420, 430 and so on, rather than 400, 401, 402, ect, which would explain why what would otherwise be a large number of records has left so little trace. As is the nature with custom recordings, Bunbury records must have been pressed in small quantities and are therefore difficult to find. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 The Heage Band The Heage Band (Album) BUNBURY DCS 300
76 Not Traced BUNBURY DCS 310
76 Not Traced BUNBURY DCS 320
76 Not Traced BUNBURY DCS 330
77 Spoonfull Troubled Times BUNBURY DCS 340
79 Ashbourne Town Band Laughing Policman BUNBURY DCS 400
79 Not Traced BUNBURY DCS 410
79 Not Traced BUNBURY DCS 420
79 Thoresby Colliery Welfare Band Roadheaders (Album) BUNBURY DCS 430
79 Not Traced BUNBURY DCS 440
79 Bestwood Welfare Black Diamond Band Live To A Full House (Album) BUNBURY DCS 450

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