Bumpkin Records was a small independent label from the West Country.  Bumpkin put out at least three records during the period 1977-78, starting with a self-titled album by Bollards (BL-069; 1977).  As the material on that album was apparently heavy on the double-entendres it's likely that the '69' of the catalogue number didn't indicate that there had been sixty-eight previous Bumpkin releases.  A couple of singles followed, their numbers carrying on from that of the album.  Tickle supplied 'Mr. Strange' b/w 'Doing It The Way It's Done' (BL-070; 1977) before Bollards surfaced again with a football supporters' song, 'Follow The Rovers' b/w 'Lottie' (BL-071).  There were more records on a Bumpkin Records label in the mid '80s, but while the content was similar - the group involved was Shag Connors & The Carrot Crunchers - the design was different and I haven't found any link between the two companies as yet. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

77 Tickle Mr. Strange BUMPKIN BL 070
78 Bollards Follow The Rovers BUMPKIN BL 071

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