Independent label: Bumble began life as a production company. It started issuing its own records in 1972, concentrating at first on singles, and it managed to release around twenty-seven singles and four albums before it closed down, in mid 1973. None of its products are all that commonly met-with nowadays.  Some were reissues - for example, a couple of singles and an LP by the Herd - some seem to have been licensed from Dutch sources, and quite a few are listed as being 'Produced by Roger Watson for Independent Master Productions'. Several boast the involvement of Barry Green, who was soon to have hits as 'Barry Blue'.  Home-grown material seems to have leaned towards straight Pop and novelty items, such as four-year old Jemimah's version of 'Alley Oop', recorded with the help of the Puddleducks; though Stonehenge's 'Stonehenge' (GE-118; 11/72) is a slow, fairly heavy, instrumental. Many labels marked the 'A' sides of their singles with a large 'A', only Bumble marked the 'B' sides with a large 'B'.  Pressing and distribution were latterly by Pye, though the matrix numbers up to at least GE-118 lack the diamond or star that are associated with Pye pressings. Bumble Records Former Address: 64-68 Oxford Street London. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 C Artwright Chopsticks BUMBLE GE 101
72 Peelers Ayeo BUMBLE GE 102
72 Glory Annabella BUMBLE GE 103
72 Standing Ovation Woman Woman BUMBLE GE 104
72 Tank Heads I Win Tails You Lose BUMBLE GE 105
72 Decker Alan Barbara BUMBLE GE 106
72 Kemo Sabay Running Bear BUMBLE GE 107
72 Abdulla Omi & De Groop Someone To Turn To BUMBLE GE 108
72 Jemimah & Puddle Ducks Alley-Oop BUMBLE GE 109
72 Vasco De Gama Proof BUMBLE GE 110
72 Charlie Lament BUMBLE GE 111
72 British Olympic Supporters Bronze Silver And Gold BUMBLE GE 112
72 Forrester Brown Two More Days BUMBLE GE 113
72 Dutch Comfort Amsterdam BUMBLE GE 114
72 Shed Something To Identify With BUMBLE GE 115
72 Summer  Going On Back BUMBLE GE 116
72 Bubbles Hazy Hazy Crazy Crazy BUMBLE GE 117
72 Stonehenge Stonehenge BUMBLE GE 118
72 Jonjo Nine Years Old BUMBLE GE 119
73 Herd I Don'T Want Our Loving To Die BUMBLE GE 120
73 Mayfly It's Illusive BUMBLE GE 121
73 Kris Ife Wherever You Are BUMBLE GE 122
73 Not Issued BUMBLE GE 123
73 Ace Of Diamonds My Oh My BUMBLE GE 124
73 Not Issued BUMBLE GE 125
73 Apple Cake John Bubble In Trouble BUMBLE GE 126
73 Herd Maxi-Single BUMBLE GEX 1

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