Independent label of Bullseye Studios, of Spennymoor, Co. Durham. Bullseye was a custom-recording operation rather than a proper record company - one of those concerns which makes records on demand for Club or Cabaret artists or for anyone else who is willing to pay for the service. Its early singles appear to have been numbered in a BSP-000 series, which seems to have changed by the time the Don Juans record came out, which was 1982. EPs were numbered in the BEP-000s - an EP by Wild Silk, featuring 'Do It Do It Again' and three other tracks, may be from 1979 - and albums in the BLP-000s. Bullseye products have proven very difficult to track down, as is usual for custom recordings, but the label seems to have still been making records in 1985. Bullseye Records Former Address: Air House, Spennymoor, Co Durham DL16 7SE. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Enzo Gusman Sing Your Song Country Boy BULLSEYE BSP 001
79 Not Traced   BULLSEYE BSP 002
79 James Whale, Benny Yorke Crystal Drops  BULLSEYE BSP 003
79 Not Traced BULLSEYE BSP 004
82 Don Juan'S  Wor Kev BULLSEYE BSP DJ 5
75 Johnnie Reynolds Avenues And Alleyways  BULLSEYE BEP 001
76 Wild Silk Do It Do It Again BULLSEYE BEP 002
77 Not Traced BULLSEYE BEP 003
78 Not Traced BULLSEYE BEP 004
79 Jacques Renay When You Gonna Let Me Go  BULLSEYE BEP 005
79 Paul Templar (Harmonica) With Rhythm Ensemble Harmonica Magic BULLSEYE BEP 006
80 Sorrento If I Only Had Time BULLSEYE BEP 007
80 Rock Follies The Runner  BULLSEYE BEP 008
80 Marcus J. Bailey Musical Memories BULLSEYE BEP 009
81 Sound & Vision  Waiting For The Moment  BULLSEYE BEP 010
82 Paul Brown Set My Girl BULLSEYE BEP 011

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