Independent label: Buffalo was a British Country and Western label. It doesn't seem to have had a particularly hectic 7" release schedule, averaging one every year for its first four years, but it also issued four albums during that period.  Singles were numbered in the BUFF-1000s, LPs in the BUFFL-2000s. Distribution was by Spartan.  BUFF-1001 was released previously in 1978, with the same catalogue number but with distribution by Buffalo itself. Kelvin Henderson later achieved recognition as the presenter of 'My Style of Country' for BBC Southwest. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Kevin Henderson Band Door Is Alway Open BUFFALO BUFF 1001
79 Kevin Rivers Band Yes My Dear BUFFALO BUFF 1002
81 Taylor Mike Lee Big 10-4 BUFFALO BUFF 1003
82 Ryan Ron Ah You Got Your Ears On BUFFALO BUFF 1004
82 Country Sailor We'll Meet Again BUFFALO BUFF 1005

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