One of the Walt Disney Studios labels. Buena Vista enjoyed a long life in the USA; it appears to have issued singles in Britain from 1967 into the first half of the '70s. As might be expected, the material on the records consisted of songs lifted from Disney films. Promotional copies of singles from 1970 have a large orange 'A' an them, suggesting that CBS was responsible for manufacture and distribution at that point. Numbering was in a DF-400 series, which reached DF-483 in 1972. There was also a four-track EP of 'Jungle Book songs, which came out in 1967; it was numbered BVE-201, and seems to have been the only one in that series. Buena Vista moved to Pye in 1973; its singles were given a new numerical series, BV-0, and it also underwent a change in design. The new revised label seems to have issued only three singles in three years at its new home, but then it hadn't been especially prolific previously. The occasional single appeared on Buena Vista in the '80s, but with a different catalogue series. The Mouse Factory record came out in November 1976, despite the '1972' on the label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Young Generation Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah BUENA VISTA BV 1
75 Lee Peggy & Pound Hounds He'S A Tramp BUENA VISTA BV 2
76 Mouse Factory Minnie'S Yoo-Hoo BUENA VISTA BV 3

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