Buddah was formed in 1967 by Art Kass as an offshoot of Kama Sutra Records. Record executive Neil Bogart was brought in, as were producers Jeff Katz and Jerry Kasenetz; the result was the birth of Bubblegum Pop, via the Ohio Express, the Lemon Pipers, the 1910 Fruitgum Company, etc. Product from this era was issued on Pye International in Britain, the Buddah label as such only making its appearance in 1968. Buddah continued to prosper in the next decade: 1970 saw the arrival of singer / songwriter Melanie; and Gladys Knight and the Pips were signed from Motown in 1973 and became the label's most successful group. From 1974 Buddah concentrated on Black music; producer Norman Connors was responsible for a string of disco hits in the late '70s. The '80s saw a tailing-off of the label's success, however, and it seems to have expired in mid 1983. In Britain Buddah appeared in three incarnations. First on the scene was a black label, which, like the American one, misspelled 'Buddha' and featured a picture of Shiva; this was replaced by an injection-moulded one when manufacturer /distributor Polydor adapted that method of production for all its singles. When Buddah moved to Pye in 1974, a new, brown, label was introduced; this had the correct picture but it kept the wrong spelling. The injection-moulded labels credited to Pye require explaining - were they custom pressed by Phonogram?  Early Polydor Buddahs were numbered in the 201-000s; this was changed to a 2011-000 series in 1970 when that company adopted seven-figure catalogue numbers for all its products. Pye Buddahs had numbers in the BDS-400s.  The discography has lots of gaps; some of there are down to the fact that the numbers were used for releases overseas. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Knight Gladys & Pips On And On BUDDAH BDS 401
74 Mayfield Curtis Kung Fu BUDDAH BDS 402
74 Impressions Finally Got Myself Together BUDDAH BDS 403
74 Trammps Zing Want The Strings Of My Heart BUDDAH BDS 404
74 Bulldog Bad Bad Girl BUDDAH BDS 405
74 Modulations I Can'T Fight Your Love BUDDAH BDS 406
74 Gladys Knight And The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia BUDDAH BDS 407
74 Gladys Knight And The Pips I've Got To Use My Imagination BUDDAH BDS 408
74 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 409
74 Mayfield Curtis Move On Up BUDDAH BDS 410
74 1910 Fruitgum Co Simon Says BUDDAH BDS 411
74 Weatherly Jim Like Old Times Again BUDDAH BDS 412
74 Knight Gladys I Feel A Song In My Heart BUDDAH BDS 413
74 Isis Do The Football BUDDAH BDS 414
74 Trammps 60 Minute Man BUDDAH BDS 415
75 Ohio Express Yummy Yummy Yummy BUDDAH BDS 416
75 Coven I Need A Hundred Of You BUDDAH BDS 417
75 Mccoy Van Soul Improvisations BUDDAH BDS 418
75 Heath Walter I Am Your Leader BUDDAH BDS 419
75 Dean Peter Four Or Five Times BUDDAH BDS 420
75 Kasanetz Quick Jerry Small BUDDAH BDS 421
75 Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine BUDDAH BDS 422
75 Beavers Jackie Mr Bump Man BUDDAH BDS 423
75 Weatherley Jim I'Ll Still Love You BUDDAH BDS 424
75 Mason Barbara From His Woman To You BUDDAH BDS 425
75 Mayfield Curtis Mother'S Son BUDDAH BDS 426
75 Fresh Flavor Without You Baby I'M A Loser BUDDAH BDS 427
75 Knight Gladys & The Pips The Way We Were BUDDAH BDS 428
75 Five Stairsteps Ooh Child BUDDAH BDS 429
75 Futures You Better Be Certain BUDDAH BDS 430
75 Christie Lou I'M Gonna Make You Mine BUDDAH BDS 431
75 Knight Gladys & The Pips Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me BUDDAH BDS 432
75 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 433
75 New Birth Dream Merchants BUDDAH BDS 434
75 1910 Fruitgum Company When We Get Married BUDDAH BDS 435
75 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 436
75 Trammps Hold Back The Night BUDDAH BDS 437
75 Knight Gladys & The Pips Part Time Love BUDDAH BDS 438
75 Alexander Arthur Every Day I Have To Cry BUDDAH BDS 439
75 Trammps Rubber Band  BUDDAH BDS 440
76 Knight Gladys & The Pips Silent Night BUDDAH BDS 441
75 True Andrea More More More BUDDAH BDS 442
76 Moore Melba This Is It BUDDAH BDS 443
76 Knight Gladys & The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia BUDDAH BDS 444
76 True Andrea Party Line  BUDDAH BDS 445
76 Moore Melba Lean On Me BUDDAH BDS 446
76 Knight Gladys & The Pips Make Yours A Happy Home BUDDAH BDS 447
76 Knight Gladys & The Pips So Sad The Song BUDDAH BDS 448
76 Connors Norman You'Re My Starship BUDDAH BDS 449
76 Knight Gladys & The Pips I Feel A Song BUDDAH BDS 450
77 Knight Gladys & The Pips Nobody But You BUDDAH BDS 451
77 Black Satin Tears Tears Tears BUDDAH BDS 452
77 Moore Melba Greatest Feeling BUDDAH BDS 453
77 True Andrea You Got Me Dancing BUDDAH BDS 454
77 Aquarian Dream Phoenix BUDDAH BDS 455
77 Addeisi Brothers Slow Dancin' Don'T Turn Me On BUDDAH BDS 456
77 Hyman Phyllis Loving You Is Losing You BUDDAH BDS 457
77 Knight Gladys & The Pips Baby Don'T Change Your Mind BUDDAH BDS 458
77 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 459
77 Knight Gladys & The Pips Home Is Where The Heart Is BUDDAH BDS 460
77 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 461
77 Henderson Michael I Can'T Help It BUDDAH BDS 462
77 Hawkins Edwin Oh Happy Day BUDDAH BDS 463
77 Moore Melba Standing Right Here BUDDAH BDS 464
77 Curry Clifford  Movin' In The Same Circle BUDDAH BDS 465
78 Captain Beefheart Sure Nuff 'N' Yes BUDDAH BDS 466
78 True Andrea What'S Your Name What'S Your Number BUDDAH BDS 467
78 Addrisi Brothers Never My Love BUDDAH BDS 468
78 M.V.P.'S Turnin' My Heartbeat BUDDAH BDS 469
78 Knight Gladys & The Pips The One And Only BUDDAH BDS 470
78 Cotton James Blues Band Rock 'N' Roll Music BUDDAH BDS 471
78 Melba Moore I Don't Know No One Else To Turn To BUDDAH BDS 472
78 Knight Gladys & The Pips Come Back And Finish What You Started BUDDAH BDS 473
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 474
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 475
78 Connors Norman Say You Love Me BUDDAH BDS 476
78 Henderson Micheal Take Me I'M Yours BUDDAH BDS 477
78 Knight Gladys & The Pips It'S Better Then God Time BUDDAH BDS 478
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 479
78 Knight Gladys Do You Here What I Hear BUDDAH BDS 480
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 481
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 482
78 Knight Gladys I'Ll Take A Melody BUDDAH BDS 483
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 484
78 Knight Gladys Why Don'T We Make Each Other Laugh BUDDAH BDS 485
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 486
78 Hyman Phyllis Living Inside Your Love BUDDAH BDS 487
78 Aquarian Dream Phoenix BUDDAH BDS 488
78 Knight Gladys I'M Still Caught Up With You BUDDAH BDS 489
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 490
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 491
78 Not Traced BUDDAH BDS 492
78 Hyman Phyllis Loving You Losing You BUDDAH BDS 493
78 Henderson Michael Wide Receiver BUDDAH BDS 494
80 Fletcher Charlie I See Blue BUDDAH BDS 495
78 Winter Robert & Fall Magic Man BUDDAH BDS 496
79 Oneness Of Juju Everyway But Loose BUDDAH BDS 497
82 Payne Freda In Motion BUDDAH BDS 498
83 Feel  I'D Like You BUDDAH BDS 499
83 Venna Watching You BUDDAH BDS 500
83 Henderson Michael Fickle BUDDAH BDS 501
83 Fifth Dimension Surrender BUDDAH BDS 502
83 Royal Cash Radoactivity BUDDAH BDS 503
84 Mcfadden & Whithhead Ain'T No Stopping BUDDAH BDS 504
74 Herman'S Hermits Train BUDDAH BDS 700

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