Brunswick began life as the record arm of cabinet makers Brunswick-Balke-Collander, of Chicago. It issued its first records in 1920, became part of American Decca, and flourished throughout the 78 rpm era, shifting shed-loads of Bing Crosby records in the process. Brunswick was bought by MCA in 1962, and it kept going in Britain as an outlet for American Decca records until 1967, when it was discontinued; Brenda Lee chalked up more than twenty Top 50 singles for the company during the period 1960-65.  The label enjoyed a comeback over here in the 1970s as a vehicle for Soul / Disco music, with the Chi-Lites in particular hitting the Charts frequently, but a damaging court case towards the end of the decade brought things to a halt both here and in the States. Manufacture and distribution were by Decca until March 1978, when all Brunswick product appears to have been deleted. The first British Brunswick 7"s had brown labels with triangular centres and gold printing; the colouring soon changed to the familiar black and silver colouring, and the triangular centres were replaced by the more solid four-pronged ones. The same basic design, but with a smaller label name and the '45' in the shield replaced by a 'B', was used for the '70s revival. EPs were issued with red labels in the 1950s. Early company sleeves were red with stars; these changed to a striped design in the early '60s. The brown sleeve is uncommon, and seems to date from 1967, when Decca and Deram sleeves briefly had a similar design. Singles from the revived era reverted to the striped sleeve. In the 1950s and '60s Brunswich singles were numbered in the 45-05000s; 1970s singles had catalogue numbers in a BR-0 series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. 

75 Chi-Lites We Need Order BRUNSWICK BR 1
75 Chi-Lites Letter To Myself BRUNSWICK BR 2
75 Wilson Jackie Beautiful Day BRUNSWICK BR 3
75 Davis Tyrone Without You In My Life BRUNSWICK BR 4
75 Jackson Walter Easy Evil BRUNSWICK BR 5
75 Davis Tyrone There It Is BRUNSWICK BR 6
75 Chi-Lites Stoned Out Of My Head BRUNSWICK BR 7
75 Acklin Barbara I'Ll Bake Me A Man BRUNSWICK BR 8
75 Chi-Lites Homely Girl BRUNSWICK BR 9
75 Davis Tyrone I Wish It Was Me BRUNSWICK BR 10
75 Roman Lyn I Don'T Need No Sympathy BRUNSWICK BR 11
75 Chi-Lites I Found Sunshine BRUNSWICK BR 12
75 Chi-Lites Too Good To Be Forgotten BRUNSWICK BR 13
75 Bohannon Hamilton Keep On Dancing BRUNSWICK BR 14
75 Chi-Lites Toby BRUNSWICK BR 15
75 Hamilton Bohannon South Afican Man BRUNSWICK BR 16
75 Chi-Lites I For To Say I Love You Till I'N Gone BRUNSWICK BR 17
75 Wilson Jackie I Get The Sweetest Feeling BRUNSWICK BR 18
75 Hamilton Bohannon Disco Stomp BRUNSWICK BR 19
75 Chi-Lites Have You Seen Her BRUNSWICK BR 20
75 Bohannon Hamilton Foot Stomping Music BRUNSWICK BR 21
75 Cooperettes Shing-A-Ling BRUNSWICK BR 22
75 Wilson Jackie Whispers BRUNSWICK BR 23
75 Bohannon Hamilton Happy Feeling BRUNSWICK BR 24
76 Chi-Lites It'S Time For Love BRUNSWICK BR 25
76 Acklin Barbara Love Makes A Woman BRUNSWICK BR 26
76 Mcloyd Eddie Once You Fall In Love BRUNSWICK BR 27
76 Wilson Jackie Don'T Burn No Bridges BRUNSWICK BR 28
76 Chi-Lites I Never Had It So Good BRUNSWICK BR 29
76 Chandler Gene & Barbara Acklin From The Teacher To The Preacher BRUNSWICK BR 30
76 Davis Tyrone Turning Point BRUNSWICK BR 31
76 Chi-Lites The Devil Is Doing His Work BRUNSWICK BR 32
76 Bohannon Hamilton Bohannon'S Beat BRUNSWICK  BR 33
76 Chi-Lites You Don'T Have To Go BRUNSWICK BR 34
76 Strutt Time Moves On BRUNSWICK BR 35
76 Bohannon Hamilton Dance Your Ass Off BRUNSWICK BR 36
76 Hughes Fred Baby Boy BRUNSWICK BR 37
76 Farrar Mary Anne & Satin Soul Stoned Out Of My Mind BRUNSWICK BR 38
76 Chandler Gene  There Was A Time BRUNSWICK BR 39
76 Davis Tyrone Ever Lovin' Girl BRUNSWICK BR 40
76 Cash Alvin Ali Shuffle BRUNSWICK BR 41
76 Adam'S Apple Don'T Take It Out On This World BRUNSWICK BR 42
76 Wilson Jackie It Only Happens When I Look At You BRUNSWICK BR 43

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