Brother was started by the Beach Boys in 1967 as a vehicle for their own records and for other people's records which they had produced. When the band signed with Reprise in 1970 the label became Brother / Reprise, and the logos of both companies were featured on its products when they appeared in Britain. Over here Brother operated from 1971-78, Catalogue numbers of its singles were shared with those of Reprise. Distributed By WEA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Beach Boys You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone BROTHER K 14173
73 Beach Boys California Saga BROTHER K 14232
75 Beach Boys Sail On Sailor BROTHER K 14394
76 Beach Boys Susie Cincinnati BROTHER K 14411
76 Beach Boys Rock And Roll Music BROTHER K 14440
76 Beach Boys It'S Ok BROTHER K 14448
77 Beach Boys Mona BROTHER K 14481
78 Beach Boys Peggy Sue BROTHER K 14489
73 Beach Boys Mount Vernon And Fairway (A Fairy Tale) BROTHER K 54008

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