Brighton Taverners Records was a DIY label The Brighton Taverners were a Folk trio; as the name indicates, they were Brighton based. Their first record, the EP was called 'Souvenir Edition' and was a DIY effort.  There is no actual label-name anywhere on it, so I have had to use the group's name as an identifier: I haven't seen the 'SUG' prefix of the catalogue number elsewhere, so it may be particular to the Taverners. The yellow label has been stuck on over a white one, and the matrix number - 'SUG EP 1 A' - is deeply engraved in the run-off in a way reminiscent of Deroy pressings. The EP is undated, but the sleeve says that the group had been playing Ralph McTell's 'Streets Of London' for about four years; 'Streets' was a hit in late 1974, so that suggests a date of 1979.  The notes also say that the EP was the fruit of the Taverners' first venture into a recording studio: they made an LP for the Folk Heritage label, 'Lazy Afternoon' (FHR-112) in 1989, so the EP must pre-date that; which again suggests 1979. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Brighton Taverners  Souvenir Edition  BRIGHTON TAVERNERS  SUG EP 1

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