A label from the Black Country. The few records on Bridge - later 'Bridge Music' have been by Folk group Giggety.  Numbering was generally in a GE-100 series, which applied to singles and albums alike, but the only 7" issue from the '70s, 'It's Your Zoo Too' b/w 'Closing Down The Zoo' (SRTS/79/CUS-480; 1979) was made through custom recording firm SRT and had one of that company's catalogue numbers.  Chronologically that single might have been expected to be GE-102, GE-100 ('Dawn To Dusk In The Black Country') having come out in 1975 and GE-101 ('Tambourine') in 1977, with GE-103 (Black Country Time') following in 1980 - all were albums.  Numbers reached at least GE-112.  Giggety did have a single out on a major label, Pye, in 1978: the seasonal 'Black Country Christmas' (7N-46136; 11/78), which was reissued with a different 'B' side on local label Revolver in 1980. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Zoo It'S Your Zoo Too  BRIDGE SRTS79CUS480
75 Giggety And Jim Wm Jones  Dawn To Dusk In The Black Country (Album) BRIDGE GE 100
77 Giggetty Tambourine (Album) BRIDGE GE 101
79 Not Traced BRIDGE GE 102
80 Giggetty Black Country Time (Album) BRIDGE GE 103
80 Not Traced BRIDGE GE 104
80s Giggetty  Wild Mountain Thyme   BRIDGE GE 105
80s Not Traced BRIDGE GE 106
80s Not Traced BRIDGE GE 107
80s Not Traced BRIDGE GE 108
80s Not Traced BRIDGE GE 109
80s Not Traced BRIDGE GE 110
80s Not Traced BRIDGE GE 111
80s Giggetty Featuring Dandy  Costa Del Tipton BRIDGE MUSIC GE 112
80 Giggetty  The Heathens' Song BRIDGE AVR  1937 

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