Reggae label; part of the Trojan group. Bread lasted from 1970 to 1973 and appeared in two different designs, an early colourful one and a later plain one which came in orange or white.  The switchover appears to have happened between BR-1116 and BR-1117, in 1973; though there is at least one earlier single with a plain label. Numbers were in a BR-1100 series.Distributed By Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Davis Del  Susanne BREAD BR 1101
70 Foster Bobby Tell Me Why You Said Good Bye BREAD BR 1102
70 Ray Danny & Jackie Edwards  Your Eyes Are Dreaming  BREAD BR 1103
70 Jackie'S Boys  Cum-Ba-Laa  BREAD BR 1104
71 Davis Del Baby Don'T Wake Me BREAD BR 1105
71 Not Issued BREAD BR 1106
71 Edwards Jackie Johnny Gunman BREAD BR 1107
71 Edwards Jackie  I Do Love You  BREAD BR 1108
71 Scott Victor  Yes I Will  BREAD BR 1109
72 Count Prince Miller  Bewildered  BREAD BR 1110
73 Perry Lee Station Underground BREAD BR 1111
73 Coolers & Tyrone Taylor The Youth Of Today BREAD BR 1112
73 Untouchables Pay For The Wicked  BREAD BR 1113
73 Maytones All Over The World People Are Changing  BREAD BR 1114
73 Dice Billy And Millions  You Need Love  BREAD BR 1115
73 Messengers Cherry Baby BREAD BR 1116
73 Dean Nora Mama BREAD BR 1117
73 Isaacs David Just Enough BREAD BR 1118
73 Morgan Derrick I'M Not Home BREAD BR 1119
73 Andy Horace Don'T Try To Use Me BREAD BR 1120
73 Alcapone Dennis Musical Alphabet BREAD BR 1121

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