The record label of ATV Music, Bradley's issued a large number of singles. The first Bradley's label, dating from 1973, was orange in colour; its releases came in a BRAD-300 series and reached at least BRAD-314.  Initially the credits appeared on the 'A'-side and a picture appeared on the 'B'-side. this practice was quickly abandoned, and the standard credits-on-both-sides kind of label was adopted. Singles from this period came in a company sleeve which had the titles and the artist's name printed at the top. 1974 brought a switch to a silver label and a new logo, one which looked like a cross between a heart shape and a letter 'B'. This logo was coloured red on the 'A' side and white on the 'B' side.  The catalogue numbering was changed as well, to BRAD-xx00, the 'xx' being the last two numbers of the year of issue: BRAD-7400s were from 1974, 7500s from 1975, etc. The final single of the year had that year repeated in the final two digits as wel, as in BRAD-7474. The numbers changed before the label did, with BRAD-7401 and 7402 appearing on the old orange label. 1976 saw a short-lived disco series with a black label and numbers in the BLAK-1000s; occasional items had appeared on this black label previously but with standard BRAD-xx00 numbers, the Tropical Band's 'Porto Rico' (BRAD-7535). Distribution of all these different Bradleys records was by Pye. The label's main hitmakers were the Goodies, who had five novelty successes in 1974-75; the biggest of them, 'Funky Gibbon' (BRAD-7504; 1975), got to the No.4.  Bradleys's catalogue numbers reached BRAD-7612 by the end of 1976; the company doesn't seem to have survived into 1977. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Bennett Chris Disco Man BRADLEY BLAK 1001
76 Black Blood Ewohe Dance BRADLEY BLAK 1002
76 Sheridan Anne C I Want You BRADLEY BLAK 1003
76 King Tracey Sunshine Girl BRADLEY BLAK 1004
73 Brett Paul Mr Custer BRADLEY BRAD 301
73 Kala Travelling Home BRADLEY BRAD 302
73 Hunter Muskett John Blair BRADLEY BRAD 303
73 Opera Nova The Great Awakening BRADLEY BRAD 304
73 Brett Paul Summer Driftin' BRADLEY BRAD 305
73 Winston Rockerdile BRADLEY BRAD 306
73 Henn Peter Song Of The Rising Country Wind BRADLEY BRAD 307
73 Mile  Lady Luck BRADLEY BRAD 308
73 Cannon Freddie Tallahassie Lassie BRADLEY BRAD 309
73 Buster Motor Machine BRADLEY BRAD 310
73 Joys Of Youth Love Is A Four Letter Word BRADLEY BRAD 311
73 Starbuck You Never Wanna Rock 'N' Roll BRADLEY BRAD 312
73 Jackie And Nicky Break Out The Morning BRADLEY BRAD 313
73 Mim One More Kiss BRADLEY BRAD 314
73 Star Children Of The Sun BRADLEY BRAD 315
73 Norman Vaughan Song Medley BRADLEY BRAD 316
73 The Kopites Liverpool We Love You BRADLEY BRAD 317
74 Buster Rainbows And Colours BRADLEY BRAD 7401
74 Gemini I'Ll Be With You Again And Again BRADLEY BRAD 7402
74 Rain  Looking For The Light BRADLEY BRAD 7403
74 Ghezzi Wess & Dori Turn Around BRADLEY BRAD 7404
74 Brett Paul Soho Jack BRADLEY BRAD 7405
74 James Stuart I Only Wis I Had Time BRADLEY BRAD 7406
74 Jungle Juice Zoo Gang BRADLEY BRAD 7407
74 Sweet Dreams Honey Honey BRADLEY BRAD 7408
74 De Sykes Stephanie Born With A Smile On My Face BRADLEY BRAD 7409
74 Resonance O.K. Chicago BRADLEY BRAD 7410
74 Starbuck Ricochet BRADLEY BRAD 7411
74 Vaudeville Express Hey You Out There BRADLEY BRAD 7412
74 Rain  Golden Day BRADLEY BRAD 7413
74 Anotony Miki We Made It This Summertime BRADLEY BRAD 7414
74 Facinations Mama'S Boy BRADLEY BRAD 7415
74 Catapult Let Your Hair Down BRADLEY BRAD 7416
74 El Chicle Streaking A Go Go BRADLEY BRAD 7417
74 Twinkle Days BRADLEY BRAD 7418
74 Rain Everyday There'S Another Tomorrow BRADLEY BRAD 7419
74 Parnell Jack & Orchestra Spy Glass BRADLEY BRAD 7420
74 Goodies The In Betweenies BRADLEY BRAD 7421
74 Jordan Dave Sweet Corner Music BRADLEY BRAD 7422
74 Paxton Tom Engelbert The Elephant BRADLEY BRAD 7423
74 Oosh Band Hari Kari On BRADLEY BRAD 7424
74 De Sykes Stephanie Only Love BRADLEY BRAD 7474
75 Elbert Donnie You'Re Gonna Cry When I'M Gon BRADLEY BRAD 7501
75 Sweet Dreams Best Of Everything BRADLEY BRAD 7502
75 Anthony Miki Get Your Dancin' Shoes On BRADLEY BRAD 7503
75 Goodies Funky Gibbon BRADLEY BRAD 7504
75 Rain Rock Is Dead BRADLEY BRAD 7505
75 Love Machine Poor Side Of Town BRADLEY BRAD 7506
75 St John Barry I Won'T Be A Party BRADLEY BRAD 7507
75 Lanzon & Husband Do You Still Love Me BRADLEY BRAD 7508
75 De Sykes Stephanie We'Ll Find Our Day BRADLEY BRAD 7509
75 Endeavours Baby'S Coming Home BRADLEY BRAD 7510
75 Jim Diamond Clean Up The City BRADLEY BRAD 7511
75 Fascinations Shot Down In Action BRADLEY BRAD 7512
75 Bill And Coo Smoochie BRADLEY BRAD 7513
75 Antony Mike True Love Ways BRADLEY BRAD 7514
75 Ghezzi Wess & Dori Fallin' BRADLEY BRAD 7515
75 Patches Tell Tale BRADLEY BRAD 7516
75 Goodies Black Pudding Bertha BRADLEY BRAD 7517
75 Black Blood A.I.E. (A.Mwana) BRADLEY BRAD 7518
75 Fleming Debbie Long Gone BRADLEY BRAD 7519
75 Starr Edwin Stay With Me BRADLEY BRAD 7520
75 De Sykes Stephanie Jesse BRADLEY BRAD 7521
75 Sweet Dreams Let'S Get Into Something BRADLEY BRAD 7522
75 Mumfie Gang Mumfie BRADLEY BRAD 7523
75 Goodies Nappy Love BRADLEY BRAD 7524
75 Jones Quinton I'M A Dreamer BRADLEY BRAD 7525
76 Francois Claude Tears On The Telephone BRADLEY BRAD 7528
75 De Sykes Stephanie It'S A Crying Shame BRADLEY BRAD 7528
75 Sweet Dreams I'Ll Be Your Music BRADLEY BRAD 7529
75 Sweet Mama Sweet Mama BRADLEY BRAD 7530
75 Starr Edwin Pain BRADLEY BRAD 7531
75 Dave Jordan Someone Like You BRADLEY BRAD 7532
75 Goodies Make A Daft Noise For Christmas BRADLEY BRAD 7533
75 Rock Bottom Volare BRADLEY BRAD 7534
75 Tropical Band Porto Rico BRADLEY BRAD 7535
75 Hill Richard Orchestra Clayhunger BRADLEY BRAD 7575
76 Mcginlay Kevin Heaven Knows BRADLEY BRAD 7601
76 Nirvana Two Of A Kind BRADLEY BRAD 7602
76 Tarney & Spencer Im Your Man Rock N Roll BRADLEY BRAD 7603
76 Sweet Dreams Love Kiss And Run BRADLEY BRAD 7604
78 Cut The Mustard Johnny Was A Rebel BRADLEY BRAD 7605
76 Oddie Bill Superspike BRADLEY BRAD 7606
76 Bent Steve Im Going To Spain BRADLEY BRAD 7607
76 De Sykes Stephanie Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again BRADLEY BRAD 7608
76 Whith Plains Summer Nights BRADLEY BRAD 7609
76 Patches Sixteen & Bad BRADLEY BRAD 7610
76 Edwards J Vincent Just For You BRADLEY BRAD 7611
76 Goddies Bounce BRADLEY BRAD 7612
76 Antony Miki You Give Me Good Love BRADLEY BRAD 7613
75 James Stuart I'M In The Mood BRADLEY BRAD 7614
76 Tarney & Spencer I Can Hear Love BRADLEY BRAD 7615
76 Preskett Graham Let'S Talk It Over BRADLEY BRAD 7616
76 Ellis Lynn Give Me Love BRADLEY BRAD 7617
76 Wild Honey Why Didn'T I Think Of That BRADLEY BRAD 7618
76 Maddog Devil'S Daughter In Disguise BRADLEY BRAD 7619
76 Maxwell Paul Joey BRADLEY BRAD 7620
76 Tarney & Spencer If You Knew BRADLEY BRAD 7621
76 Ra Jon & Rubba Dub Dub Band Christmas Calypso BRADLEY BRAD 7622

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