Independent Reggae label, run by Fat Man (Ken Gordon) from his High Roads record shop. Boss seems to have issued ten 7" singles in 1976-78; Catalogue numbers were in a BOSS-000 series, and the printing on the 'A' and 'B' sides was in different colours on at least one of the singles. The Catalogue number was not shown on some labels but was handstamped on one side only with title and artist. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Erroll Dunkley  African Woman  BOSS BOSS 001
76 Brown John  Easy Dreadlock BOSS BOSS 002
77 Rose Michael  Born Free BOSS BOSS 003
77 Fantails Stand And Look  BOSS BOSS 004
77 Not Traced BOSS BOSS 005
77 Jimmy Riley  Chanell One Crash  BOSS BOSS 006
77 Not Traced BOSS BOSS 007
77 Not Traced BOSS BOSS 008
78 Campbell Cornel  Doctor Bird BOSS BOSS 009
78 Campbell Cornel  Everybody Bawling BOSS BOSS 010

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