Bop Street Records was a DIY label. A product of custom recording concern Tank Records. A four-track EP by Rock 'n' Roll band Shazam featuring 'Diggin' The Bugie', 'Red Cadillac', 'Ubani Stomp' (sic) and 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky' seems to have been Bop Street's only release.  Its catalogue number, BSS-141, was borrowed from the main Tank series.  There's no date on the label, but the number suggests 1976 or 1977. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Big John And The Emerald Stars Shanagolden BIRD SOUND BSS 101
75 Not Traced TANK BSS 102
75 Velvet Mist Rock N Roll Band TANK BSS 103
75 Not Traced TANK BSS 104
75 Michael Johns Raining In My Heart TANK BSS 105
75 Purple Porridge A Helping Of Porridge (Album) TANK BSS 106
75 Memphis Black Good Looking You TANK BSS 107
75 Not Traced TANK BSS 108
75 Big Bertha  Tattoo'D Lady/Whole Lotta Love TANK BSS 109
75 Country Road Our Home Country (Album) TANK BSS 110
75 Ora Pasco All Over Now TANK BSS 111
75 The Incas X Certificate (Album)  TANK BSS 112
75 Big John And The Emerald Stars  Broken Engagement TANK BSS 113
76 Yodelling Pete King My Kind Of Country (Album) TANK BSS 114
76 Mel Harvey And Presto (The Magic Rabbit) Presto'S Party Time TANK BSS 115
76 Barry James Music All Kinds Of Everything (Album) TANK BSS 116
76 Hope And Glory Hit The Road TANK BSS 117
76 The Playboys Made In The Country (Album) TANK BSS 118
76 Not Traced TANK BSS 119
76 Ashby Clark  Ashby'S Biggest It'S (Album) TANK BSS 120
76 Country Rainbow  Love Is Like A Country Song TANK BSS 121
76 Just Like That It'S Just Like That (Album) TANK BSS 122
76 The Incas Superman TANK BSS 123
76 Trevor Adams I Believe In Country Music (Album) TANK BSS 124
76 Dave Curtis Broken Hill TANK BSS 125
76 Not Traced TANK BSS 126
76 Yodelling Pete King Dime A Dance Honky Tonk Girl TANK BSS 127
76 Alan Williams  The Country Side Of Me TANK BSS 128
76 Buddy Baker  Birmingham Calverstone / Heartache And Troubles TANK BSS 129
76 Jess Owen & The Gingerbread  Country Roots (Album) TANK BSS 130
76 Loki Don'T Let It Slip Away TANK BSS 131
76 Dave Curtis Broken Hill (Album) TANK BSS 132
76 Moonlarks Marrakesh TANK BSS 133
76 Crispin James  This Is Crispin James (Album) TANK BSS 134
76 The Original Country Road  Willin TANK BSS 135
76 Paperwate Memoires De Plaisir (Pleasant Memories) (Album) TANK BSS 136
76 Four Card Express Somewhere Between / Long Legged Guitar Pickin' Man TANK BSS 137
76 Brian Marshall The Wine Flowed Freely (Album) TANK BSS 138
76 Contrast  At The Hop/Do You Want To Dance TANK BSS 139
76 Bobby Ray The Country Way TANK BSS 140
76 Shazam Diggin' The Bugie BOP STREET BSS 141

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