Boob Records was a DIY label from the Punk / New Wave era, Boob was owned by Model Mania, a Punk band from the West Midlands. It released two singles, the first being that band's 'No Pride Slow Suicide' (MM-1; 1979); the first 250 copies came in a hand-printed label, the next 750 with a proper printed one. A few copies have the labels on the wrong sides and have little pieces of paper stuck on to correct this mistake.  The second single was also by Model Mania, but by the time of its release, in 1982, they had changed their name to 'Powerfarm'. Model Mania' were formed in late 1975 three brothers, Jim (vocals), Rob (guitar) and Andy (drums). They were later joined by Martin Beech (Boco) on bass. Distributed By The Cartel. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Model Mania No Pride Slow Suicide BOOB MM 1
83 Power Farm Which Way Usa BOOB MM 2

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