Independent Irish label: Bonus Records. issued singles in an BNS-100 and BNSC-0 numerical series. Anna McGoldrick was born in Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan Ireland. She came to prominence on the Irish scene in 1968 when she sang Gleann Na Smol, an entry in the 4th Annual Irish National Song Contest. Anna's major break came in February 1969 when she was featured on the Opportunity Knocks programme on ITV in the UK which was a precursor of today's X-Factor type show. Contestants featured on the show would be voted to return or not and success was measured by the number of weeks you remained on the show. Anna was there eight weeks, making her one of the longest running contestants in the show's history. Distributed By Bonus Records. 

76 Ann Mcgoldrick Vol.1 (Songs From Her Television Series) (Album) BONUS BRS 101
76 Ann Mcgoldrick Let There Be Peace BONUS BNS  102
76 Ann Mcgoldrick When A Child Is Born BONUS BNS 103
79 Not Issued BONUS BNSC 1
79 Ann Mcgoldrick Why Me Lord / Sonny'S Dream BONUS BNSC 2

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