Bonnaud Hunt Productions Records was a DIY label. Bonnaud Hunt Productions its only release was a self-titled EP by New Wave band the Deadly Toys. The matrix number of the EP was LYN-6354, indicating that Lyntone did the pressing; its catalogue number was DT-1, and it was issued in 1979.  The sleeve notes mention Stratford-on-Avon, which suggests that the band and the label may have hailed from there. Labels actually list the songs as Fine Weather, Dooms Day, Mr. Logic and Don't Mess Around, however a number of various coloured sleeves were allegedly done-up by the band, listing the song titles as Nice Weather, Roll On Doomsday, I'm Logical and Deadly Mess Around. Deadly Toys Line-up was Bass David Bootle Drums Paul Gardner Vocals, Guitar  John Hunt, Phil Knight.

79 Deadly Toys Deadly Toys (EP) BONNAUD HUNT DT 1

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