Bonk Records was a DIY label. Owned by Steve Hall and used as a vehicle for recordings by him under the names of 'The Afflicted' or 'The Afflicted Man'.  It released five records during the period 1979-82, two of them being albums and the other three singles; they shared the same AFF-0 numerical series.  A third album, 'I'm Off Me 'Ead' had a matrix number of AFF-5 but was issued on the Human Records label with the catalogue number MAN-1.  Only the first of the records came out in our decade, and that didn't squeeze in by very much: the single 'I'm Afflicted' b/w 'Be Aware' by The Afflicted (AFF-1) appeared in November 1979.  As can be seen from the picture, it had blank white labels which were rubber stamped with very basic details. Distributed By Bonk Records. Afflicted Man was from Kent. A one-band band comprising Steve Hall, a great guitarist who squatted around London, did loads of drugs - glue and heroin - and in the 1990's became a born again Christian, Hall formed The Afflicted in 1978 or 1979. The original Afflicted was a very different animal. There were about seven people in it. Steve joined them and I helped out at a couple of gigs as they were having trouble with their drummer. They were signed to Deccca Records but nothing was ever released. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Afflicted I'm Afflicted   BONK AFF 1
80 Afflicted All Right Boy / Who Can Tell BONK AFF 2
80 Afflicted The Afflicted Man's Musical Bag (Album)  BONK AFF 3
81 Afflicted The Afflicted Man's New One BONK AFF 4
82 Afflicted Man  I'm Off Me 'ead (Album)   HUMAN AFF 5
82 High Speed And The Afflicted Man  Get Stoned Ezy (Album)  BONK AFF 6

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