Bob Records was a DIY label from 1977. The only release was an EP by Bob Pryde & Mike Cordella which featured the tracks 'I'm Much Too Young To Remember It All Of Course!', 'A Question Of Love', 'Warm Wind' and 'What Will The Neighbours Say'.  It had a catalogue number of BOB-101 they are all in mono. Bob Pryde came from Merseyside and had put another self-financed record out a couple of years earlier on Stag Music (q.v.), 'Mrs. Butler's Eldest Son Bill' (HP-25).  He was also responsible for a Christmas novelty single, 'Santa's Little Helpers', which came out in different forms on the 202 BBC Radio Merseyside and State labels (q.v. both), the State issue (STAT-92) coming out in 1978.. It managed one singles. Distributed By Bob Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Bob Pryde And Mike Cordella  I'm Much Too Young To Remember BOB BOB 101

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